Saturday, March 26, 2005

M19 Readers Respond

More than any post, “Yet Again” has engendered some interesting responses. Names have been redacted to protect the innocent.

"I had a very similar experience last weekend at Wal-Mart. I was cornered by 3 determined girlscouts with Mom's standing ready demanding a large purchase of girlscout cookies. I was frightened, much like you, but I held my own, and escaped without harm by distracting them with a fictitious statement that Britney Spears was around the corner signing her new CD, at which point they darted away in search of their false God. I'll never forget the encounter, but life goes on, and just like you (you "will walk the streets again"), I "will shop Wal-Mart again" - girl scouts or no girl scouts. And, yes, I did enjoy a beer (several) after my traumatic experience (and the stolen girl scout cookie weren't bad either). Seriously, though, glad you made it out of your situation unharmed, and with the iPOD."
--Washington, DC

"Compelling. Man, I'm glad you're capturing all this." --Washington, DC

"Can you please be more careful!!!" --Cary, NC
Si, yo puedo.

"What happens if next time, at a whim, the assailant decides to cut off part of a finger or something? --Washington, DC
I am reminded of a certain scene in “Man On Fire” where Denzel Washington cuts the fingers off a bad guy. It was set here in Mexico City.

"Are they giving you hazardous job pay?"
--Washington, DC

"I think I need to teach you some judo/boxing for self defense. NOT that you want to fight back in a case like this, but just in case in some situation where you have NO choice. I would recommend looking into some classes down there. Namely, judo (throws & ground fighting), boxing, muay thai boxing (strong kicks, knees, elbows along with punches) or Brazilian jujitsu (submissions, ground fighting i.e., chokes & arm bars)." --Washington, DC

"How awful, I am so sorry to hear that. You shouldn't be quite so matter of fact about it. They held a knife to you, it doesn't matter if the knife was not good enough to cut 'your tofu'. Next time it could be a gun. All I am saying is be careful. You stick out like a sore thumb in Mexico and cannot act like locals. Next time you leave the office late, just take a cab. This time you were lucky, someone up there was looking out for you. Next time may be a different scenario (God forbid)" --Washington, DC

"Good thing you weren't listening to the pod..." --Washington, DC

"What a great story! All these crazy things happen to you. I am very grateful that nothing of the sort ever happened to me when I was there” –Minnesota

“(Next time) I suggest you use military drill sergeant tactics through overwhelming fire power. In case you are having difficulties harnessing your anger, think of you ex roommate in DC. Next, you need not stand tall cause they are at nipple level, think in Spanish and you spit out in a deep, forceful tone all the bad words you can think of and act crazy your fire power is your words. ‘LOS VOY A MATAAARRR HIJOS DE PUTAS!!! RECONCHA SU MADRE!!! COME MIERDA!!! PENDEJOS, CABRONES, CULEROS!!!! LESBIANA CON PELOTAS!!! ELEFANTE MARICON!!! Pene de chino!!!! GANDUL MALCAGADO!!! CHAPARITO SIN DIENTES!’” – San Jose, California

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