Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The Blog That Finally Was

After a few years of surprising technophobia for someone who is usually an early technology adopter, I've finally started my own blog called "Musings from Mexico". I thought "from" makes more sense than "on" since I am not writing exclusively about Mexico but rather from my perspective now that I am here. In the past I had used both "on" and "from".

I had avoided blogs because I thought they were too trendy, clique-y and insider-ish. The term "blogsphere" still makes me wince. I'd rather drink the tap water here than read all those sycophantic blogs waxing poetic for Dubya/ or even the Dems for that matter. Prodded by my friend Joel Gwadz my mom (!) and being somewhat inspired by a fabulous blog called The Brazilian Muse, I decided I wanted in on the action.

Last night I posted all my old "musings", some new ones and some photographs to Musings from Mexico My fear was no one would read my blog but that was rapidly assuaged when I woke up to an email from "Kay" complimenting my new blog. That felt fabulous! I take back everything bad I said! I am hooked!

I've decided to stick mainly with the (relatively) single-theme of adapting to life in Mexico, my perspective now that I am here and travel stories. The alternative would be to have an all inclusive "today I bought cat litter" and "parked next to a grey BMW" type of blog, which would just be boring. If my theme diverts too much, I will just start another blog. I've found it's difficult to follow blogs that are all over the map and I sense that was what was behind some of my initial hesitance in posting my own.

I use my real name on the site though in some instances I omit or change names to shield the guilty (and innocent). I am not voyeuristically opening up my personal (paper) journal to the world's prying eyes, but you will find some kiss-n-tell information if you dig deeply enough. I will continue emailing my larger "feature length" stories for your reading enjoyment, but you will also find posts on the blog that I don't email so as to entice you into checking out the site regularly.

I am not totally sure what my "editorial policy" is. But I think it's going to be about finding balance. For it to be interesting, it needs to be real. But sometimes real crosses the line and might hurt certain parties or be of the TMI (too much information) variety. Please be patient with me as I find that balance.



gwadzilla said...

there was a time when I had several blogs
thinking that my interests as a cyclist and my interests as a father were not going to entertain people
I keep a blog for me
it is a cathartic process
and in the end
my being a cyclist and my being a father are too intertwined to try and separate them

and I spend too much time on this shit anyhow
it was best to limit it to one blog

you may want to hook up with these guys
and add some of your posts here

I am sure that they would appreciate your perspective

and my blog....
people have read it
people have ignored it
I try not concern myself with readership
although it is fun to see that people are interested in the madness in my head

Brian Kemler said...

I must admit that I am interested in readership and I like getting the attention. There is a very appealing aspect to that. It's cathartic too and in a way kind of fun and vain to see all this stuff you wrote up on the web and know that anyone can see it. I guess in a way it's nice that they can see the real us... BK