Thursday, July 28, 2005

Street Scenes: D.F. by Bike

All Shots Taken this morning on my commute.

Bike Wheel Swallowing Sewer Grate Designed By World's Foremost Bicycle-Hating Sadists. My purple Masi is newly outfitted with fenders for the evening showers, 28c tires to suck up the bumps and lights for riding around town at night.

Fellow cyclist! I want to capture the guy that carries four massive banana crates on the back of his bike. Stay tuned for that.

I wonder what the chilangos thought of a camera-wielding gringo riding no-hands? This is a lovey side street in Colonia Condesa.

Say "ah"! Trademark D.F. Micro bus (say "Meecro") with green and white taxi astride a bike-sized hole.

Across from the Torre Mayor Looking east on Reforma. Look carefully (or click to enlarge) to see the Diana sculpture in the shadow of El Angel.


crallspace said...

You're one less car.
Good for you!

Brian Kemler said...

Thanks. Would you believe I just sold my car in the USA and used the proceeds to buy a new bike?

Frewuill said...

It's just a matter of priorities (car vs bike) but I wonder, with all the street holes, bumps.. wouldn't be better a mountain bike?

Brian Kemler said...

Sometimes I think a mountain bike is a better option. The mountain bike that I have here is a little too pricey to be left around the streets if you know what I mean. The street obstacles and such are not so bad - just as long as you see them coming. Overall, I think you're right though.