Monday, November 07, 2005

M28 Closing

Last Friday I thought I had returned to Washington, DC to close on the sale of my house, but my life seemed to bring some strange, interesting and yet welcome twists of fate even if I didn't perceive them as such at the time.

Psychologically I was a little down. First, I hadn't much sleep having just arrived on a 10-hour overnight flight from Brazil. Second, I had purchased a plane ticket for my friend Peter to come up and help with the "move" much as I had done with Solange and the cats.

Peter is hard working and more importantly would serve to help focus me in the two tight days I had in which to pack, give away, trash or sell all of my material possesions.

I called Peter as I knew he'd be at the airport while I was on my way to the airport in Sao Paulo. Apparenyly, American Airlines denied him boarding for his flight to the USA due to the fact that his passport didn't have the required barcode for entry into the USA.

But, funny, they don't tell you this when they sell the ticket. And who would think there would be a problem with a Danish passport, Denmark being a visa waiver nation that supported us in our "fight against terror in Iraq". But that's life in the days of George W. Bush and the United States of Syria.

I called American and pleaded with them from the back seat of my cab, but it was all to no avail. Add them to my airline shitlist right behind Aeromexico.

I would have to pull it togther without Peter's emotional and physical support. Saturday I arrived just in advance of my army of army of helpers. I thought "F8&^"! How the hell was I going to get rid of all this stuff, put it into storage or give it away? Fortunately, each member of my movers' army manned a particular battlestation; John the less than well attended yard sale, Steve, trips to the thrift store, Julia, whose birthday it was, packed odds and end. Dara and Robb pyschological support, Cyn and Doug packing and trips to the thrift store.

Fortunately, when you live in the 'hood, the thrift stores are nearby.

Much of what I had amassed in terms of stuff over the years, had been garned from yard sales and thrift stores. Our society produces a glut of stuff and if there was ever a glutton, it was me all in spite of having a yard sale every year for the last six. The rest of the stuff, I left in the alley. Yeah, it was sort of a ghetto move, but I figured I had enough neighborhood karma banked after cleaning that street and alley for 6 years, that I could make a karmic withdrawal and still maintain a good conscience.

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gwadzilla said...

you say you had all this stuff
yet in so many ways you were an American Minimalist

we live in a country where the poor have cars and cable tv