Wednesday, May 10, 2006

El Principio de Final..?

May 2004. My well planned move to Mexico City is only going to last 10 months. I am then going to come back to my house in Washington and in all likelihood get married to my girlfriend.

May 2006. I no longer have a house nor a girlfriend and they're mum on the idea of rolling out.

Will I have to accept a local position at a reduced salary? Is my current position available for me if I want to stay, go back to the States, to Brazil or to Argentina? How will the organizational changes afflicting my company affect my current position?

I thought hard work and setting clear expections would yield the desired outcomes. I have now been asking what my next move is supposed to be since July - the month I was supposed to come back.

Still no word.

In the mean time, I have saved them close to two million dollars single-handedly saving a multi-million dollar account at a global firm where it's safe to say were there Brian, there would also no longer be the aforementioned account.

From November through April, I was the tech lead on an implementations of our company's most complicated and expense solution. I had never taken a training course in this solution and never had a mentor walk me through its implementation. I picked it all up on my own and in the process became a hero as the president of my company watched my work.

I earned the respect of technical support and even eclipsed some of the seasoned and trained specialists in the United States. My work made me a lot of friends and perhaps if not a few enemies, I made some people scared. I gave up weekends, evenings and peace of mind. They gave me a Blackberry.

The harder I work and the more I accomplish, the happier they are keeping me right where I am. And now that they are ready to take up my cause, organizational changes have stymied my plans until they know what the organization is going to look like.

I am getting used to not knowing my fate and in the mean time I am savioring my time in Mexico because I know it is not going to last forever. Truth be told, I could probably hang for another year. However, I really feel like I need a vision of what my future is.

Since my geography is very much tied to my job, I very much need to know what I am going to be doing so I can know where I am going to be living.

In the past month, since my tenure as technical lead on the above mentioned account ended, I have relaxed in a way unknown to me since living here and in the process made me wonder just what the hell had turned me into a work-a-holic in the last year and a half.

Stay tuned.

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