Wednesday, May 31, 2006

M30 The Museum of My Childhood Colonia Doctores

Jardin Dr. Ignacio Chavez is a park that stradles Avenida Cuauhtemoc on the fringe of what is reputed to be one of Mexico City's shadiest neighborhoods, Colonia Doctores. Doctores, for short, is known as a place to find cheapest rents and to avoid stopping your car if you like your hubcaps and gold fillings.

But to me, it is home of one of my favorite markets in Mexico City: the Museum of My Childhood. While a fraction of the size of a typical flea market, it more than makes up in quality what it lacks in size.

If it was thrown away somewhere else, you can bet that they've saved it here. And if they had went out and tried to put together a place with more pieces of my past, they couldn't have done a better job than what has been randomly assembled here.

Like most of the best finds, I stumbled upon it while riding my bike. At first I thought it was an ordinary market. But on closer inspection, it turned out to be the motherlode of antique markets. I have never seen anything like. Not in a flea market or store. I suspect eBay is the only thing that could actually rival it.

While I can't claim to have ever owned a "Continental Transistor Radio-Phono", I am pretty sure it was the Ipod of its day. Sleak in its faux-gold package, it contains a still working radio and portable record player that I have yet to test. Its single speaker still picks up radio and lends a low-fi charm and authenticity to the Cuban music I pick up from my dining room.

There is something about its sound that is real and reminds me of the truth that those who love music the most are not necessarily those blessed with the best equipment. That music can be enjoyed by the poorest among us. It even came with batteries to boot.

My parents probably threw this find out two decades ago. Though it is possible Mattel Football 2 dwells somewhere in the recesses of our basement, which is something of a museum itself. However, I wasn't going to take any chances on reclaiming this piece of my past and certainly not for $5US Dollars - batteries included.

My younger brother, Justin, and I passed many a Saturday night playing Football 2 and ogling the Solid Gold Dancers while sucking down cokes and eating cheese Doritos.

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gwadzilla said...

I never made it to football two
but on the first inception of that Matel electronic football I could stall the whole half
only to score with no time left on one down
could still stall if it took more than one down

then my opponent would mezmorize me with their ability to score a fast touchdown
then I would stall the rest of the second half

game over